Driving in Bulgaria

Весели празници (Veseli praznitisi= Happy holidays)! I just wanted to shortly recommend you all to read Ellis Shuman´s article on his blog about driving in Bulgaria. He gives useful advice for any one that plans to travel through the country with a car, which of course comes in handy. So here goes! Enjoy the reading!… Continue reading Driving in Bulgaria

History · Traditions

Bulgarian Christmas-Бъдни вечер

General about Christmas in Bulgaria  Unlike the rest of the Slavic countries, Bulgaria follows the Gregorian calendar and celebrates Christmas the 25th of December (the rest of the Slavic countries follows the Julian calendar which celebrate Christmas the 7th of January). In Bulgaria they call Christmas Rozhdestvo Hristovo, which literally means “Nativity of Jesus”. On the 25th… Continue reading Bulgarian Christmas-Бъдни вечер


100 years of Bulgarian beauty

So this year Internet have been providing us with lots of 100 years of beauty videos. There are a big variation of this videos, there are men and women, wedding dresses, and almost every nation has their own 100 years of beauty video- so also Bulgaria. What is the purpose of this video? The video… Continue reading 100 years of Bulgarian beauty


The green cat of Bulgaria

The story about the green cat of Varna, Bulgaria- An Internet sensation For some people this will be news, other may have heard and seen about it. Since cats are the biggest thing on the Internet I was thinking, what way could be better then to kick-start this new blog about an emerald green cat… Continue reading The green cat of Bulgaria



I just want to welcome you to my blog about Bulgaria, hope you will enjoy it here! Добре дошли (dobre doshli); Welcome! Photo:       Advertisements