The green cat of Bulgaria

Photo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2902117/Green-cat-given-wash.html

The story about the green cat of Varna, Bulgaria- An Internet sensation

For some people this will be news, other may have heard and seen about it. Since cats are the biggest thing on the Internet I was thinking, what way could be better then to kick-start this new blog about an emerald green cat that made a huge Internet sensation?!

The green cat in Varna, Bulgaria draw a lot of attention to it during December 2014. Both local people and tourist spotted the green cat and many people got worried about the cat. Rumors were spread that some one had been painting the cat green as a cruel joke and a group was started on Facebook to catch who ever did this to the cat. Many people that saw the cat on the Internet taught the pictures was a result of Photoshop.

The green cat was wondering the streets in company with a red cat, and neither seemed to be bothered about the color.

Some days after the discovering of the green cat it disappeared and people started to talk about that some one must have been kidnapping the cat now when it was famous. The green cat could be seen again three days later. The cat was no longer green and news had an idea that an Animal Welfare group had been taking the cat to clean it from the color. Still some green could be spotted on the cat.

Green cat is washed by animal rescue team, Varna, Bulgaria - 08 Jan 2015
Photo: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/08/green-cat-photos_n_6436484.html

Why was the cat green?

It turned out that the cat had been sleeping in green paint in a garage.






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