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The world of Rakija

Since today it´s Saturday I want to talk about Rakija (Ракия, raki, ракија, pálenka). Rakija is not just a popular brandy in Bulgaria but is also considered to be their national beverage. Rakija is so incorporated in the Bulgarian culture and life stile which makes it important to know about. What is Rakija? Rakija is an… Continue reading The world of Rakija

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Antonov den-Антонов ден

The 17th of January Bulgarians celebrate Antonov den. What is Antonov den? Antonov den is being celebrated by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to honor the memory of Venerable Anthony the Great. Who was St. Anthony? Anthony was born in Egypt around 250 AD. He spent 20 years to complete solitude in the desert, where sick… Continue reading Antonov den-Антонов ден

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So on the 6th of January Bulgarians celebrate Jordanovden, and on the next day, the 7th of January it´s time for the celebration of Ivanovden. What is Ivanovden? Ivanovden is the day when The Bulgarian Orthodox Church acknowledge John the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ in the river of Jordan (Jordanovden honors the ritual when… Continue reading Ivanovden-Ивановден

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Saint Jordan’s day- Йордановден

The 6th of January is a special day in Bulgaria, on this very day the Yordanovden is being celebrated. Why is Saint Jordan´s day being celebrated? It is believed that on the 6th of January Jesus Christ was being baptized by John the Baptist. The baptizing shall been taken place in the river of Jordan with God… Continue reading Saint Jordan’s day- Йордановден