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Trifon Zarezan part #1

Bulgaria has a long tradition of making wine and their are many rituals around this and it plays an important role in the culture.

Trifon Zarezan is the celebration were the wine makers get together and start to prepare for the coming seasons grape and wine. In 1968 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church went from the Julian calendar til the Gregorian one and with that followed the change of date for Trifon Zarezan. Before this  day was being celebrated the 14th of February but with the change of the calendar the “right” day to celebrate is the 1st of February.

Still many people celebrate Trifon Zarezan the 14th of February instead of the 1st (the power of traditions is something very strong and something that simply does not change over a night) so therefor I will instead get back to this topic on the 14th of February and explain more about this tradition. But I still wanted to acknowledge Trifon Zarezan today since its in the Gregorian calendar.

For those who celebrate today; Наздраве (Nazdrave= Cheers)! I will now enjoy myself with a glass of red wine in honor of St Trifon.


2 thoughts on “Trifon Zarezan part #1

  1. That day it’s also one of the four “zadushnitsa” in Bulgaria: people go to cementeries to visit their loved ones, light candles and pour some wine on the tombstones. More interesting than just Valentine’s Day! XD


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