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Wolf Holidays-вълк ваканция

Between 1-3 of February Bulgaria celebrate Trifontsi (the celebration for the new season of grapes and wines after Saint Trifon; Trifon Zarezan), but there is also the day for an old traditional beliefs connected to wolves.

Back in the days Bulgarians believed that the wolf cubs were born this days. In order to protect them against attacks from wolfs they came up with rituals. This days it was considered a big risk to weave, spin, sew or open scissors. No one with common sense would make or mend clothes since it would attract the wolves.


An old tale tell us about a woman who was patching the shoulder of her husband´s coat. She did it during the Wolf Holidays. The man wore the coat while he was out in the forest, he met a wolf, and the wolf bit him on the shoulder, tore off the patch and ran away.

Since wolves has been connected to danger in Bulgaria the wolves are today an extinct specie.

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