84 reasons to love Bulgaria

With a big smile I sit and nod at the recognition, 99liveblog has really put the finger on Bulgaria with its culture

99 lives

Every time I travel abroad I realize how much I love Bulgaria. Our country is gorgeous! We often don’t see it or take whatever we have as granted. We also like to compare ourselves to others. And I know it’s easier to point out the bad things, but let’s do the opposite instead.

Let’s think about the good things that warm our Bulgarian hearts even when we are far away, and which impress the adventurous foreign travelers when visiting our country. Because… Bulgaria is gorgeous and here are 84 reasons to love it!


84 reasons to love Bulgaria

1. Bulgarian women are crazy beautiful. They are often tall, with pale skin, dark hair, and blue or green eyes. More than once they have been ranked among the most (or THE MOST) beautiful in the world

2. For that reason Bulgarian men are the luckiest 😉 They spend every day of their…

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