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Oratnitza- Experimental music

I recently discovered a Bulgarian band named Оратнитза (Oratnitza). This musicians are making a new kind of Bulgarian folk music. The music is as a mixture of Bulgarian folklore, dub step, drum n bass and with an orthodox chanting. What makes their music so special is the traditional rhythms mixed with modern dub step but also the fact that they are adding the Aboriginal instrument- Didgeridoo.


The band started in 2009 by the sea. The idea was to interpret traditional Bulgarian songs in a modern way to suit our generation. Not long after they started they won a national competition for fusion bands which led many tours around Bulgaria and Europe. Oratnitza has gained big popularity amongst the Bulgarian youth and are a popular folklore fusion band today.

They describe their music as “trancy, sweeping rhythms that invites the audience on a musical voyage which makes their heart beat faster, the soul sing and the spirit fly”.

Their music is new playful and experimental. Quite often you will see Кукери (Kukeri) appear in their music videos, printed on their T-shirts and as decoration on stage (an article on Kukeri is coming soon on my blog). They usually decorate the stage with folklore themes painted in a modern way and the women singer wearing traditional clothes. Many people like their music and think it adds a fresh spirit to the old music, meanwhile other people think its destroying already perfect fine music.



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4 thoughts on “Oratnitza- Experimental music

  1. What are the odds? I recognized one of the girls in the “Vitosha” video. But more importantly, the didgeridoo sounds surprisingly right with the music though I would have never thought so if I just thought about it and hadn’t heard how easily it blends with and expands on the mood and sound character of the traditional music. Thanks for sharing these videos. Love the кукери.

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    1. Hey that´s amazing! So many people that lives in Sofia and you manage to recognize one girl, such a small world after all!
      Its really random to mix didgeridoo with traditional Bulgarian folk music but I think its really cool and like it a lot.

      I also love the kukeri and I think that I will be so lucky and see it in real life this year at Shiroka Laka, can´t wait, I´m so exited 😀

      Sure no problem, I wanted to share their music!

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