7 advantages of speaking Bulgarian

99 lives

I am trying to make a point with this post! 😀 A few days ago me and my friends were discussing the advantages of being born English or French or Spanish or Italian or Chinese and so on. You can already speak one of the most frequently used languages in the world and at the same time, just like everybody else, you can also choose to learn a 2nd and a 3rd one; you can travel and work wherever you want; you can actually make a living out of it; you can do anything!

Now comes the big question – what can you do knowing Bulgarian? 😀 What are the advantages of being able to speak it? Why should you learn it? I sure know they aren’t as many as for those whose mother tongue is English, but there are…well, some and I’m gonna prove it now!

So, I shall start with my strongest arguments!…

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