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Тодоровден-Horse Easter

Last week of the 19th of March Bulgarians were celebrating Todorovden (the day of Todor).  St Todor is the patron of horses, so on this day, Bulgaria honors the horses. This article will tell you about the ritual and traditions of St Todor, but also about some history connected to horses in Bulgaria. Did you for example know… Continue reading Тодоровден-Horse Easter

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Кукери- Dance of the Mummers

Since today is Kukerovden- the day of the Kukers, I think its perfect to tell you about the Bulgarian tradition of Kukeri. Kukeri is an ancient tradition that still lives on in today´s Bulgaria, and it takes place from New Years until Lent. It is a spring ritual and aims to scare away evil spirits… Continue reading Кукери- Dance of the Mummers

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Сирни Заговезни- A Day of Forgiveness

Today on the 13th of March the Orthodox Church celebrate Sirni Zagovezni (Сирни Заговезни) a day of forgiveness. What does it mean? It literally means  Cheesfare Sunday or The Great Leant and this celebration always happens on the Sunday, 7 weeks before the Orthodox Easter. Its a way of celebrating the spring and its also the start of the fasting before… Continue reading Сирни Заговезни- A Day of Forgiveness


3 of March- Liberation Day of Bulgaria

Today, on the third of March, the Bulgarians celebrate the Liberation Day. This is one of the biggest and most celebrated National Holidays in Bulgaria.  Why does the Bulgarian celebrate Liberation Day? A brief history Bulgaria established as a sovereign nation already in the 7th century A.D. with a own government, education, art, economy, language… Continue reading 3 of March- Liberation Day of Bulgaria

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Baba Marta- a red & white ritual

On the 1st  of March the Bulgarians have a special celebration called Baba Marta (Баба Марта), and if you visit Bulgaria during spring you will definitely see martenitsa´s everywhere, red and white threads, bracelets and tassels hanging in trees and witness of of an ancient tradition that still lives on in Bulgaria. The Legend of… Continue reading Baba Marta- a red & white ritual