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Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia- Bulgaria

Bulgaria belonged to the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War, and the country is full of communist monuments and architecture. In the capital of Sofia stand a big monument dedicated to the Soviet Army. This monument was built in 1954 but has during the last years been painted of street artists several times and led to… Continue reading Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia- Bulgaria

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The Wonderful Bridges of Bulgaria

As the Bulgarian summer is usually very hot, many Bulgarians seek to the mountains and the forests to cool down. One popular place to visit is the Rhodopean mountains that has many interesting sites, The Wonderful Bridges are one of many interesting places to visit in this mountain. In 1961 the Wonderful Bridges was declared… Continue reading The Wonderful Bridges of Bulgaria

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Nestinar- A Bulgarian Dance on the Fire

All over the world through all times people have been fascinated by the power of fire, in all civilizations dancing has played a vital role, and many countries has combined these and made fire dancing. Bulgaria has a long tradition of fire dancing that goes back to the ancient time and are still being performed today and it… Continue reading Nestinar- A Bulgarian Dance on the Fire

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The Revolutionary Poet Hristo Botev

Are you in Bulgaria the second of June, don´t be afraid when everything becomes silent except from the sound of sirens around noon (speaking from my own experience). Second of June is a special day in Bulgaria, the whole country stops and become silent for three minutes meanwhile the sound of sirens is taking over. The reason? They… Continue reading The Revolutionary Poet Hristo Botev