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Bulgarian Socialist Party & the Monument of Buzludzha

Every year the Bulgarian Socialist Party are gathering around the monument of Buzludzha, in the Balkan mountains, to give speeches. This year was a historical celebration since they are the oldest party of Bulgaria. Yesterday on the 30th of July did they not just have their annual meeting but also celebrated the 125 year of… Continue reading Bulgarian Socialist Party & the Monument of Buzludzha

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Bulgarian Summer Food

The summer is here and so is the heat of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country that are really taking care of the fruits and vegetables of the seasons. This means that in the Bulgarian summer you can eat fresh salads from newly grown vegetables and eat juicy and healthy fruits as deserts, filled with vitamins.… Continue reading Bulgarian Summer Food

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Rozhen National Folklore Fair

Rozhen National Folklore Fair is an event connected to Bulgarian folklore, held in the Rozhen area close to Smolyan in the mountains of Rhodope, in the south of Bulgaria. Bulgaria has plenty of folklore events but the one in the meadows of Rozhen is definitely the biggest event of the summer. No matter you are in Bulgaria, what your interests… Continue reading Rozhen National Folklore Fair

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Bulgarian Breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and depending on how you starting your day will show how the rest of your day will continue. Every country has their own breakfast traditions, we have all heard about American pancakes, Brittish breakfast with eggs, beans, sausages and tea, and France with… Continue reading Bulgarian Breakfast

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Bulgarian Beer

Bulgaria don´t have a long tradition of drinking beer but was rather an imported culture from Central Europe in the late 20th century, before that Rakia (The world of Rakija) and wine was a much more popular beverage to drink, not that any of these beverage are any less popular today but beer has become a natural… Continue reading Bulgarian Beer

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Bulgaria – Europe’s Outdoor Adventureland

Bulgaria has a little something for everyone. Curious to go on an adventure? Get inspired by Audrey & Harry as they explore the wildlife of Bulgaria in an adventurous way Advertisements

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Irina Bokova- A Fighter for Human Rights & Culture Heritage

I have been written much about Bulgarian traditions and folklore on this blog. Traditions and folklore are part of the oral heritage and has a special place among the people. I have earlier mentioned that the place of The Madara Horseman and the tangible heritage of Nestinar are on the list of UNESCO´s World Heritage in Bulgaria.… Continue reading Irina Bokova- A Fighter for Human Rights & Culture Heritage