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Ivet Lalova-Collio

As the Olympic Games are on in Brasil and being watched and enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to Ivet Lalova-Collio as she is one of the fastest women in the world right now. 

Ivet was born in 1984 in Sofia the capital  of Bulgaria. She is an athlete and do 100 meters and 200 meters sprint as her specialties. Both of her parents were also athletes, and her father Miroslav was the champion of 200 meters in 1966 at 200 meters.

Lalova started off with gymnastics and swimming at the age of 10 years old. Eventually she switched her path and began running instead. At the year of 2000 she became champion of the Bulgarian Youth competition, and the year after that she ended up on 4th place at the IAAF World Youth Championship. She participated as 200 meter running in both of these competitions. In 2003 she won both 100 and 200 meters running competition at the European Athletics Junior Championships.

Photo: http://www.zimbio.com/Ivet+Lalova-Collio/pictures/pro

As the years went by Ivet Lalova continued to practice and compete all over Europe in different competitions. In 2012 Lalova set a record as she run the distance of 100 meters in 11:06 in Round 1 at the European Athletic Championship in Helsinki. The same year she attended the Olympic Games in London where she ended up on the 6th place in her heat and place 19 overall. In December 2012 Lalova open a sport club with the name Ivet Lalova Sprint Academy to help and support children and young athletics to develop.

In 2015 Lalova attended the World Championship in Athletics in Beijing, China, where she ran 11:09 at 100 meters as her best. When she ran 200 meters with 22:54 she made it to the semifinal, where she ran the  distance in 22:32 and made it to the final. This was her best achieve so far. In the final she ended up on 7th place. She became the third Bulgarian female athlete to make it in the 200 meters running at the final of the World Championship, and the first one since 1987.

Photo: http://whitecaucasian.com/worlds-fastest-white-woman-ivet-lalova-10-77-sec/

So far in 2016 she has participated in IAAF Diamond League, the Shanghai Golden Grand Pix, where she reached the final and made it to the 4th place, when she ran 200 meters in 23:04. And in May she won the silver medal in 100 meters at the Beijing IAAF World Challenge. She has also participated at the second Diamond League at the Golden Gala in Rome, as well as the Gala dei Castelli in Bellinzona, Switzerland and the Bislett Games in Oslo, Norway.

At the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio, Brasil, 2016, Lalova marched in the front as the flag bearer for Bulgaria, where she also is going to participate in the competition.



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