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Student´s Day in Bulgaria

On the 8th of December Bulgaria acknowledge the day of education. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks this day as the day of St Kliment Ohridski, a patron of higher education. On this day all students are free from lectures and there are massive celebrations as well in Sofia as in other towns that has a University.  

This tradition goes back to 1903 as the first celebration of Sofia University as it was celebrating the 15th anniversary. In 1944 the day was abolished and replaced with the 17th of November, the day that are celebrated as the International Student´s Day, however the 8th of December became the official day of students again in 1962.

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski 

St Kliment Ohridski was the first University in Bulgaria and it was established on the 1st of October in 1888, the year after the liberation against the Ottomans. The University has 16 facultities and about 21 000 student´s. The University is located in central next to the Knyazeshka Garden and a street away from the Bulgarian Parliament.

Photo: https://llc.ucalgary.ca/node/3253

St Kliment Ohridski

Sofia University is named after St Kiment Ohridski, a Bulgarian saint who lived around 840-916 and was a scholar, writer and enlightener of the Slavs. He was one of the most prominent disciples of Saint Kiril and Methodius and is often associated with the glagolic and cyrillic scripts. St Kliment founded Orchid Literary School.



Picture: http://www.bds-bg.org/en/pages/page_855.html

A Happy Day for All Student´s

As I mentioned above the student´s are free from lectures on the 8th of December and the day after. This makes it a perfect day for enjoying all the fun there is. This is the first official day of the winter season and many students go to the mountains to do skiing and partying. Bansko is a skii resort in the Rila mountains and is known to be the “capital” of partying on this day. But there are plenty of events and parties going on all over the country on the student´s day, and many non-students joining in on this day as well to enjoy the fun.

This day can be compared with Valborg in Sweden, originally a tradition to welcome the spring on the 30th of April, but has come to be adopted by students as many traditions and parties takes place on this day.

Photo: http://www.aspenresort.bg/promotions/view?oid=29


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