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Staro Zhelezare- How to Survive with Street Art

The Bulgarian village; Staro Zhelezare, has been suffering from urbanization. As too many people have left the village the future looked dark and risked to become an abandoned ghost place. The answer to save the village? Mural paintings! The Project Staro Zhelezare is a small village located in the central Bulgaria, close to Plovdiv was suffering… Continue reading Staro Zhelezare- How to Survive with Street Art

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The Revolutionary Poet Hristo Botev

Originally posted on When in Bulgaria:
Are you in Bulgaria the second of June, don´t be afraid when everything becomes silent except from the sound of sirens around noon (speaking from my own experience). Second of June is a special day in Bulgaria, the whole country stops and become silent for three minutes meanwhile the sound of sirens…

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Bulgaria 2016

So another year is over and a new one has just begun. But what happened in Bulgaria during 2016? Which were the big headlines? Bulgaria participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as well as the Olympic Games in Brazil, had Presidential election, nominees for the Secretary General of UN and terrible accidents. I tried to… Continue reading Bulgaria 2016