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Today, the 7th of January, Bulgaria marks the day of John the Baptist, known as Ivan in Bulgaria. Read more about this day that ends the Christmas holidays!

When in Bulgaria

So on the 6th of January Bulgarians celebrate Jordanovden, and on the next day, the 7th of January it´s time for the celebration of Ivanovden.

What is Ivanovden?

Ivanovden is the day when The Bulgarian Orthodox Church acknowledge John the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ in the river of Jordan (Jordanovden honors the ritual when Jesus Christ was born and God revealed himself on the sky as a bird). It was John the Baptist that recognized and pointed out Jesus as the Mesiah– the savier and the Messenger of God. St John the Baptist is one the most revered saints in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria they refer to John the Baptist as Ivan, which explains the name- The Day of Ivan (John).

4fb68280c57cfb630d79da27ccd1cc33_400x300 Photo: http://www.standartnews.com/english/read/while_rest_of_orthodox_church_celebrates_christmas_bulgaria_ends_it_with_ivanov_dens_new_beginnings_-6951.html

The celebration of Ivanovden

Ivanovden is a Christian celebration but it also plays a role as a traditional folk festival. Just like Jordanovden, the day of Ivan…

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    1. Thank you, it makes me happy to hear! 🙂 As you probably already have noticed, Bulgaria is a country with rich history and many exiting traditions

      What are you studying and for how long will you study in Bulgaria? Where are you from originally?

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