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The Revolutionary Poet Hristo Botev

The 6/1 Bulgaria celebrate the birth of Hristo Botev’s birthday

When in Bulgaria

Are you in Bulgaria the second of June, don´t be afraid when everything becomes silent except from the sound of sirens around noon (speaking from my own experience). Second of June is a special day in Bulgaria, the whole country stops and become silent for three minutes meanwhile the sound of sirens is taking over. The reason? They honor one of those who died for liberating Bulgaria and also for the revolutionary poet Hristo Botev and for those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria.

The Tradition of the Sirens 

Every year around noon the whole Bulgaria stops for three minutes. Every city, town and village turns silent meanwhile the sound of sirens filling the space to pay respect for those who died in the war against the Ottoman Empire to become a free country. The cars stops, student rises from their desks and everyone observes the moment. Bulgaria hasn’t been in war…

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