Babin den-Бабинден

On the 8th of January, Babinden, are being celebrated. It´s a day of honoring the life and birth as well as the women who helps out with the birth.

When in Bulgaria

So both the 6-7th of January are mostly man dominated days, so let´s focus on the 8th of January´s big celebration; Babin den, the day were the women stands in the spot light. This holiday also ends the three days of water rituals.

What is Babin den? 

Babin den is the day when Bulgarians celebrate and honor the elder women and midwives in the villages. In the past (well, not so long ago) the midwives where the ones to help younger women to give birth. Babin den is the day when all children that was born in the previous year and their mothers gather at the house of the midwife and perform rituals connected to the family. This holiday is very old and goes back to the pagan times of Bulgaria and have managed to survive until now days. In 1951 Babin den became an official holiday of Bulgaria. Babin…

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