Antonov den-Антонов ден

Today Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the day of St Anthony- Antonovden

When in Bulgaria

The 17th of January Bulgarians celebrate Antonov den.

What is Antonov den?

Antonov den is being celebrated by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to honor the memory of Venerable Anthony the Great.

Who was St. Anthony?

Anthony was born in Egypt around 250 AD. He spent 20 years to complete solitude in the desert, where sick and suffering people came and asked him for help. It is believed that Anthony by the age of 104 attended a conflict of Arianism were he defeated them and the success is called the Triumph of Christianity. The very same year as the Triumph of Christianity St. Anthony passed away, he got buried in a secret place. Later on his relics was found and got transferred to Vienna.

photo_verybig_112041 Photo: http://www.novinite.com/articles/112041/Bulgarian+Orthodox+Church+Celebrates+Antonovden

Antonov den and the Bulgarian beliefs

The Christian calendar St. Anthony´s day is celebrated to protect people from sickness and diseases. In the past times women…

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