Candlemas & Rooster Day

Today its Rooster Day!

When in Bulgaria

The 2/1 is a big day of traditions both from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and from Bulgarian folklore. The Wolf Holiday is something old and not so update with today´s Bulgaria. But second of February is more known as the day of Candlemas  and rooster (also as the second Trifon Zarezan). This celebration is more common in the Eastern Bulgaria and goes under the name of Petelarovden/Petlyovden. In old style the memory of Saint Euthymius of Turnovo is being honored and you may hear the names Evtimovden, Ihtima and Evtimya for this celebration.

Rooster Day

For a non-Bulgarian it may seem weird to acknowledge a day for roosters but it has a perfect explanation. According to experts this day goes back to early Slavic traditions. The rooster is a symbol for the sun, heralding the new day coming. The rooster also symbolize fertility and virility, and rituals on this day aims to…

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