Сирни Заговезни- A Day of Forgiveness

Today it is 7 weeks until the Bulgarian Orthodox Easter, and today the Bulgarians mark the day of Sirni Zagovezni, a day of forgiveness. Find out more here!

When in Bulgaria

Today on the 13th of March the Orthodox Church celebrate Sirni Zagovezni (Сирни Заговезни) a day of forgiveness. What does it mean? It literally means  Cheesfare Sunday or The Great Leant and this celebration always happens on the Sunday, 7 weeks before the Orthodox Easter.

Its a way of celebrating the spring and its also the start of the fasting before Easter, and its the longest fasting period of the year in the tradition of the Orthodox Church. The fasting means that no meat are allowed to eat, except from fish one a week. It also means that no marriage are allowed to take place before the Easter and no traditional dancing.

The Forgiveness

So on this day the focus lays on forgiveness. Back in the days the family’s would  gather around the table that are covered with food for the celebration. In the evening the young people were…

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