Baba Marta- a red & white ritual

Chestita Baba Marta, vesel i cherveno! First of March and the spring time is here, let´s celebrate this and look forward to a nice spring with our friends and family

When in Bulgaria

On the 1st  of March the Bulgarians have a special celebration called Baba Marta (Баба Марта), and if you visit Bulgaria during spring you will definitely see martenitsa´s everywhere, red and white threads, bracelets and tassels hanging in trees and witness of of an ancient tradition that still lives on in Bulgaria.

The Legend of Baba Marta

Baba Marta is a ritual to welcome the spring, and means “Granny March”. March is being referred as unpredictable month when it comes to the weather, since it change rapidly and can be both snowy and cold as well as warm and sunny. The legend tells us that Baba Marta saw and heard everything that was happening in the world, when she was happy and smiled the sun was shining in gold, the bird was singing and the grass was greener then ever. But when she was angry, the sky was full of…

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