3 of March- Liberation Day of Bulgaria

Today on the 3rd of March is the Liberation Day of Bulgaria and it is one of the most important national days of the country. Find out more why this day has such a deep meaning that values through celebration, parades and speeches here on wheninbulgaria.wordpress.com!

When in Bulgaria

Today, on the third of March, the Bulgarians celebrate the Liberation Day. This is one of the biggest and most celebrated National Holidays in Bulgaria. 

Why does the Bulgarian celebrate Liberation Day? A brief history

Bulgaria established as a sovereign nation already in the 7th century A.D. with a own government, education, art, economy, language and culture. The First Bulgarian Empire started in 632 A.D and lasted until 1018 A.D. The Second Bulgarian Empire took place between  1185-1396 and was covering the geographical region of almost the whole Balkan. The Second Bulgarian Empire ended at the time 14th century when the Ottoman Empire conquered Bulgaria. The occupation lasted util the end of the Russo-Turkish War in 1877-1878.

During the Ottoman occupation Bulgarians was under the Ottoman authorities and had to follow the Millet system. The Christians had to pay higher taxes and also Devşirme – blood tax, which meant that Bulgarian…

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