Тодоровден-Horse Easter

Today is the first Saturday of the Easter Lent, and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the day with a horse tradition connected to Saint Todor (Chestit imen den Todor= Happy name day Todor).

Find out more about the horse tradition and culture around horses in Bulgaria on this article.

When in Bulgaria

Last week of the 19th of March Bulgarians were celebrating Todorovden (the day of Todor).  St Todor is the patron of horses, so on this day, Bulgaria honors the horses. This article will tell you about the ritual and traditions of St Todor, but also about some history connected to horses in Bulgaria. Did you for example know that the Proto-Bulgarians were skilled horseman´s? Or have you heard about the mystery relief of the Madara Horseman? And that there is a project to re-establish wild horses i Bulgaria? 

The Martyr of St Todor

In the Christian Orthodox calendar the first week of the Great Lent is dedicated to St Theodore Tiron. Theodore Tiron was a warrior who died the death of a martyr in the year of 306. Legend tells that 50 years after his death  the Emperor Julian the Apostate (332-363) was on a mission to revive the ways of the pagans…

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