St George Day-A Day of Lamb & Armies

St George day today, but what does it mean?

When in Bulgaria

On the 6th of May Bulgarians celebrate Georgivden- St George Day. The key words of this day celebrations are Lamb and Army. The legend of St George has it roots in the Eastern country’s and was brought to Europe by the crusaders. The Orthodox Church adopted the legend of this brave man around the 7th century. St George is one of the most beloved saints in Bulgaria and this day is very popular and celebrated in different ways.

St George and the Dragon

The legend tell us that St George was travelling for many months by land and sea when he finally reached Libya, where he met a poor hermit who told him that the land was haunted by a evil dragon and put the country’s people in great danger. The old man continued by telling how the dragon demand a sacrifice of a young beautiful maiden every day, and…

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