Nestinar- A Bulgarian Dance on the Fire

Today its Nestinari in Bulgaria – a fire dance

When in Bulgaria

All over the world through all times people have been fascinated by the power of fire, in all civilizations dancing has played a vital role, and many countries has combined these and made fire dancing. Bulgaria has a long tradition of fire dancing that goes back to the ancient time and are still being performed today and it has also made it to UNESCO:s World Heritage List. Nestinar is the heritage of dancing barefoot on charcoals around the Strandzha mountains in southeast Bulgaria, but also in the northern parts of Greece.

Originally the ritual has its roots in the ancient Bulgaria and were performed by the Thracian people. Some people claim that it was a ritual for the sun and welcoming of the summer, and that the god of fertility and wine- Dionysus played a part in this ritual, but o one knows for sure. The ritual got incorporated in the Orthodox Christianity and…

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