The Rose Valley

Bulgaria has many traditions that may not seem like the most obvious ones when you think about the country. The annual Rose Festival may be one of those

When in Bulgaria

As Bulgaria are most known for the beaches around the Black Sea it may come as a surprise to many that Bulgaria has a valley dedicated to roses. Once a year the valley are being filled with people from all over Bulgaria but also foreign tourists that come to witness the yearly festival.

The Valley of Roses

You will find the Rose Valley between SrednaGora (Middle Forest Mountain) and Stara Planina, also known as the Balkan Mountains, about 60 km outside Plovdiv. The name, Rose Valley, is not a geographical name but rather a notion of the place where the roses grows between Kazanlak and Karlovo. The roses starts to show up in the beginning of March when the temperature starts to get warmer. Between May-June its the time for picking up the flowers and the whole area are being filled with the scents from the roses.

2._rose_valley__rose_garden Photo: http://www.plovdivtrips.com/photo-gallery/day-tours-in-bulgaria/kazanlak-rose-valley-the-valley-of-the-thracian-kings-day-tour/index.html

There is a…

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