About me

Who am I? 

My name is Sandra and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I am a master student of the program Museum and Cultural Heritage studies at Uppsala University. I have a bachelor in Ethnology and Art history, and beside that I have studied history, religion and feminism, Orthodox spirituality and Bulgarian history and language. I have written two thesis with Bulgarian themes. In my bachelor thesis in ethnology I wrote about Кукери (kukeri) and a small thesis in art history about Паметник на Съветската армия (Monument to the Soviet Army) in Sofia, Bulgaria and how its been painted several of times of street artists. Both themes you will be able to find sooner or later on my blog.

Except from history and traditions are cats something that fill my heart of joy and happiness. And travelling.


Why am I writing about Bulgaria?

In the year of 2010 did I by a coincidence end up in Bulgaria. I was in a phase of my life when I needed a big change and I did some volunteer work in Antwerpen, Belgium and was going to fly to Greece after that to continue with volunteer work. But in the year of 2010 the volcano Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland had a big eruption and all flights were cancelled. I was positively thinking “No problem, I will simply take the train to Greece”.

I never ended up in Greece. In Romania I met a Bulgarian girl at the hostel we both stayed at. She offered me to come with her to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and I never doubted. In the car through the mountains to Bulgaria I was thinking that I had no clue what so ever about Bulgaria. I went through the little knowledge I had; drunken swedes at Sunny Beach, a poor country and communism, and that was it. I felt ashamed over my lack of knowledge.

I was thinking to stay maximum a couple of days and continue my travelling to Greece, but my friend was a perfect host and gave me the time of my life. I stayed for a month. She took me hiking in the mountains, attending rock bars, showed me the Bulgarian cuisine and ancient places.

I never came to Greece, but I fell in love with an unknown country and its culture. I also found a Bulgarian man there that turned out to be the love of my life. I have never regret the day I choose to follow the stranger girl to Bulgaria.

And know, I want to show you the beauty of Bulgaria, welcome!

Photo: http://bulgaria-explorer.info/