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Trifon Zarezan part #2

On the 14th of February Bulgarians celebrate St Trifon’s day, Trifon Zarezan, according to the Julian calendar (the Julian calendar celebrate 1-3th of February).  Still majority of the Bulgarians celebrate the 14th of February, the power of traditions. Originally this celebration has its roots in the ancient time were the Thracian’s honored Dionysus, the god of… Continue reading Trifon Zarezan part #2

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The world of Rakija

Since today it´s Saturday I want to talk about Rakija (Ракия, raki, ракија, pálenka). Rakija is not just a popular brandy in Bulgaria but is also considered to be their national beverage. Rakija is so incorporated in the Bulgarian culture and life stile which makes it important to know about. What is Rakija? Rakija is an… Continue reading The world of Rakija