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Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

Gela is an ancient village seattled by the Thracians over 3300 years ago in heart of the Rhodope Mountains. Gela is famous as the birth Place of the mythological Orpheus and for its rural and traditional way of living. The nearby mountain peak has the unique flower of Orpheus which can only be seen there.… Continue reading Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

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Кукери- Dance of the Mummers

Since today is Kukerovden- the day of the Kukers, I think its perfect to tell you about the Bulgarian tradition of Kukeri. Kukeri is an ancient tradition that still lives on in today´s Bulgaria, and it takes place from New Years until Lent. It is a spring ritual and aims to scare away evil spirits… Continue reading Кукери- Dance of the Mummers

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Candlemas & Rooster Day

The 2/2 is a big day of traditions both from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and from Bulgarian folklore. The Wolf Holiday is something old and not so update with today´s Bulgaria. But second of February is more known as the day of Candlemas  and rooster (also as the second Trifon Zarezan). This celebration is more common… Continue reading Candlemas & Rooster Day