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So on the 6th of January Bulgarians celebrate Jordanovden, and on the next day, the 7th of January it´s time for the celebration of Ivanovden. What is Ivanovden? Ivanovden is the day when The Bulgarian Orthodox Church acknowledge John the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ in the river of…

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The Revolutionary Poet Hristo Botev

Originally posted on When in Bulgaria:
Are you in Bulgaria the second of June, don´t be afraid when everything becomes silent except from the sound of sirens around noon (speaking from my own experience). Second of June is a special day in Bulgaria, the whole country stops and become silent for three minutes meanwhile the sound of sirens…

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Student´s Day in Bulgaria

On the 8th of December Bulgaria acknowledge the day of education. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks this day as the day of St Kliment Ohridski, a patron of higher education. On this day all students are free from lectures and there are massive celebrations as well in Sofia as in other towns that has a… Continue reading Student´s Day in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria marks the Life & Death of Virgin Mary

Bulgaria is an Orthodox country, Bulgarian Orthodox to be specific, and there are many days in the calendar to mark and honor the Virgin Mary. To mark the life and death of Virgin Mary are some of the most important days of the Orthodox calendar since she is one of the most meaningful and beloved from… Continue reading Bulgaria marks the Life & Death of Virgin Mary

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Unification Day of Bulgaria

On the 6th of September is the Unification Day of Bulgaria. To understand the importance of this day, the history needs to be understood as well. This is a National day and plays a vital role as it commemorates the unification of the principality of Bulgaria and the Ottoman province of Eastern Rumelia in 1885… Continue reading Unification Day of Bulgaria

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Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

Gela is an ancient village seattled by the Thracians over 3300 years ago in heart of the Rhodope Mountains. Gela is famous as the birth Place of the mythological Orpheus and for its rural and traditional way of living. The nearby mountain peak has the unique flower of Orpheus which can only be seen there.… Continue reading Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

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Bulgarian Socialist Party & the Monument of Buzludzha

Every year the Bulgarian Socialist Party are gathering around the monument of Buzludzha, in the Balkan mountains, to give speeches. This year was a historical celebration since they are the oldest party of Bulgaria. Yesterday on the 30th of July did they not just have their annual meeting but also celebrated the 125 year of… Continue reading Bulgarian Socialist Party & the Monument of Buzludzha