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Bulgaria 2016

So another year is over and a new one has just begun. But what happened in Bulgaria during 2016? Which were the big headlines? Bulgaria participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as well as the Olympic Games in Brazil, had Presidential election, nominees for the Secretary General of UN and terrible accidents. I tried to… Continue reading Bulgaria 2016

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Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

Gela is an ancient village seattled by the Thracians over 3300 years ago in heart of the Rhodope Mountains. Gela is famous as the birth Place of the mythological Orpheus and for its rural and traditional way of living. The nearby mountain peak has the unique flower of Orpheus which can only be seen there.… Continue reading Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

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Rozhen National Folklore Fair

Rozhen National Folklore Fair is an event connected to Bulgarian folklore, held in the Rozhen area close to Smolyan in the mountains of Rhodope, in the south of Bulgaria. Bulgaria has plenty of folklore events but the one in the meadows of Rozhen is definitely the biggest event of the summer. No matter you are in Bulgaria, what your interests… Continue reading Rozhen National Folklore Fair

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July Morning- A Sun Feast

-“Are we celebrating July Morning?” Did my boyfriend ask some years ago. I looked at him with questioning eyes, -“What is July Morning?” did I ask. He seemed surprised and then introduced me to what he thought  was celebrated all over the world. Tonight many Bulgarians stay up the whole night, watching the night turns to morning in… Continue reading July Morning- A Sun Feast

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Nestinar- A Bulgarian Dance on the Fire

All over the world through all times people have been fascinated by the power of fire, in all civilizations dancing has played a vital role, and many countries has combined these and made fire dancing. Bulgaria has a long tradition of fire dancing that goes back to the ancient time and are still being performed today and it… Continue reading Nestinar- A Bulgarian Dance on the Fire