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Staro Zhelezare- How to Survive with Street Art

The Bulgarian village; Staro Zhelezare, has been suffering from urbanization. As too many people have left the village the future looked dark and risked to become an abandoned ghost place. The answer to save the village? Mural paintings! The Project Staro Zhelezare is a small village located in the central Bulgaria, close to Plovdiv was suffering… Continue reading Staro Zhelezare- How to Survive with Street Art

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Student´s Day in Bulgaria

On the 8th of December Bulgaria acknowledge the day of education. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks this day as the day of St Kliment Ohridski, a patron of higher education. On this day all students are free from lectures and there are massive celebrations as well in Sofia as in other towns that has a… Continue reading Student´s Day in Bulgaria

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Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia- Bulgaria

Bulgaria belonged to the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War, and the country is full of communist monuments and architecture. In the capital of Sofia stand a big monument dedicated to the Soviet Army. This monument was built in 1954 but has during the last years been painted of street artists several times and led to… Continue reading Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia- Bulgaria


The green cat of Bulgaria

The story about the green cat of Varna, Bulgaria- An Internet sensation For some people this will be news, other may have heard and seen about it. Since cats are the biggest thing on the Internet I was thinking, what way could be better then to kick-start this new blog about an emerald green cat… Continue reading The green cat of Bulgaria