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Bulgarian Winter Food

About one month before Christmas it is tradition to eat only vegetables as they are going through the Lent, then the night til the 25th of December a big festive dinner takes place in the Bulgarian´s homes. The vegetables and fruits that was taken care of in the late summer, early autumn is being used… Continue reading Bulgarian Winter Food

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Originally posted on When in Bulgaria:
So on the 6th of January Bulgarians celebrate Jordanovden, and on the next day, the 7th of January it´s time for the celebration of Ivanovden. What is Ivanovden? Ivanovden is the day when The Bulgarian Orthodox Church acknowledge John the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ in the river of…

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Pitka – Bulgarian Christmas Bread

Originally posted on Faux Chef for Five:
Martin requests this bread each Christmas Eve.  This bread is eaten Christmas Eve and throughout the holiday.  A coin is placed inside the dough while kneading.  The person who finds the coin in their piece of bread can expect good luck for the coming year.  You can also…

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Student´s Day in Bulgaria

On the 8th of December Bulgaria acknowledge the day of education. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks this day as the day of St Kliment Ohridski, a patron of higher education. On this day all students are free from lectures and there are massive celebrations as well in Sofia as in other towns that has a… Continue reading Student´s Day in Bulgaria

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Nikulden- The Day of St Nichola

On the 6th of December Bulgaria acknowledge Sveti Nikola (St Nichola´s Day), the patron saint of fishermen, sailors, merchants and prisoners. Nikulden marks the start of the Christmas and New Year ritual cycle. It is also the name day of Nikola, Nikolay and Nikolina, which are very popular names. Over all, this is a day… Continue reading Nikulden- The Day of St Nichola

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Bulgarian Harvest

Bulgaria is a country that really takes care of the nature is giving them. From August to October Bulgarians start to prepare the yearly harvest for the winter. To prepare the fruits and vegetables is a traditional way of keeping the food for the winter, this way it both keeps the flavors and the vitamins.… Continue reading Bulgarian Harvest

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Bulgaria marks the Life & Death of Virgin Mary

Bulgaria is an Orthodox country, Bulgarian Orthodox to be specific, and there are many days in the calendar to mark and honor the Virgin Mary. To mark the life and death of Virgin Mary are some of the most important days of the Orthodox calendar since she is one of the most meaningful and beloved from… Continue reading Bulgaria marks the Life & Death of Virgin Mary