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Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

Gela is an ancient village seattled by the Thracians over 3300 years ago in heart of the Rhodope Mountains. Gela is famous as the birth Place of the mythological Orpheus and for its rural and traditional way of living. The nearby mountain peak has the unique flower of Orpheus which can only be seen there.… Continue reading Gela- A Village of Ancient History & 100 Bagpipes

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July Morning- A Sun Feast

-“Are we celebrating July Morning?” Did my boyfriend ask some years ago. I looked at him with questioning eyes, -“What is July Morning?” did I ask. He seemed surprised and then introduced me to what he thought  was celebrated all over the world. Tonight many Bulgarians stay up the whole night, watching the night turns to morning in… Continue reading July Morning- A Sun Feast

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The Wonderful Bridges of Bulgaria

As the Bulgarian summer is usually very hot, many Bulgarians seek to the mountains and the forests to cool down. One popular place to visit is the Rhodopean mountains that has many interesting sites, The Wonderful Bridges are one of many interesting places to visit in this mountain. In 1961 the Wonderful Bridges was declared… Continue reading The Wonderful Bridges of Bulgaria