Сирни Заговезни- A Day of Forgiveness

Originally posted on When in Bulgaria:
Today on the 13th of March the Orthodox Church celebrate Sirni Zagovezni (Сирни Заговезни) a day of forgiveness. What does it mean? It literally means  Cheesfare Sunday or The Great Leant and this celebration always happens on the Sunday, 7 weeks before the Orthodox Easter. Its a way of celebrating the spring and its also…

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Staro Zhelezare- How to Survive with Street Art

The Bulgarian village; Staro Zhelezare, has been suffering from urbanization. As too many people have left the village the future looked dark and risked to become an abandoned ghost place. The answer to save the village? Mural paintings! The Project Staro Zhelezare is a small village located in the central Bulgaria, close to Plovdiv was suffering… Continue reading Staro Zhelezare- How to Survive with Street Art