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Bulgaria marks the Life & Death of Virgin Mary

Bulgaria is an Orthodox country, Bulgarian Orthodox to be specific, and there are many days in the calendar to mark and honor the Virgin Mary. To mark the life and death of Virgin Mary are some of the most important days of the Orthodox calendar since she is one of the most meaningful and beloved from… Continue reading Bulgaria marks the Life & Death of Virgin Mary

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July Morning- A Sun Feast

-“Are we celebrating July Morning?” Did my boyfriend ask some years ago. I looked at him with questioning eyes, -“What is July Morning?” did I ask. He seemed surprised and then introduced me to what he thought  was celebrated all over the world. Tonight many Bulgarians stay up the whole night, watching the night turns to morning in… Continue reading July Morning- A Sun Feast

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Nestinar- A Bulgarian Dance on the Fire

All over the world through all times people have been fascinated by the power of fire, in all civilizations dancing has played a vital role, and many countries has combined these and made fire dancing. Bulgaria has a long tradition of fire dancing that goes back to the ancient time and are still being performed today and it… Continue reading Nestinar- A Bulgarian Dance on the Fire

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St George Day-A Day of Lamb & Armies

On the 6th of May Bulgarians celebrate Georgivden- St George Day. The key words of this day celebrations are Lamb and Army. The legend of St George has it roots in the Eastern country’s and was brought to Europe by the crusaders. The Orthodox Church adopted the legend of this brave man around the 7th century. St… Continue reading St George Day-A Day of Lamb & Armies

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Bulgarian Easter

The Orthodox Christian celebrates Easter according to the Julian calendar. The Orthodox countries on Balkan have many similarities when it comes to the Easter celebration, however there are local variations of the feast. No matter if you are religious or not, there are certain traditions that still lives on in the Bulgarian modern life with focus on the food and the… Continue reading Bulgarian Easter

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Тодоровден-Horse Easter

Last week of the 19th of March Bulgarians were celebrating Todorovden (the day of Todor).  St Todor is the patron of horses, so on this day, Bulgaria honors the horses. This article will tell you about the ritual and traditions of St Todor, but also about some history connected to horses in Bulgaria. Did you for example know… Continue reading Тодоровден-Horse Easter